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I had occasion to go to the Metreon, a very modern shopping center downtown.  I have always loved the architecture there (and a few other places that will be visited later) and the park beside it.  Here are just a few pics as I had a few minutes of waiting for someone else.

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No stories – just nice angles.


Yosemite Motivated Me

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I have always been into photography but going to Yosemite, getting a chance to use some new equipment, and having some good guides and instructors suddenly go my motivation up to a new level again.  I always intended to spend more time on photos as my official “work” diminished and have more time but I am trying to up my schedule.

So, I plan to learn more about technical issues like white balance, better use of flash, better use of tripod, experimenting with depth of field, night shots, and intentional blur (motion).  I know how to do all of these things but had gotten lazy about actually incorporating them into pics.  I had just become a snapshooter with some good equipment.  Now I am going to learn to use the equipment to the max!  I also intend to do a better job of post processing as up to now I have been taking the easy route with light adjustments through picasa.  Time to learn to process raw and use photo shop the way they were intended.

However, the quality and composition of my pics aren’t up to the others I would like to emulate, but here are some I did while running around the city in the last few days trying to pay more attention to technical issues.

Watching the Lowe’s project continuing to rise.

A single wall section all on it's own.

The bottom of the bolts that hold the walls up.

The brace above the anchor.

Bracing and the plumb line to line up the forms.

Rebar that will support the floor.

High noon at the palace of fine art.

Palace of Fine Arts under a big sky.

The Roman ladies draped over the columns.

Can you say depth of field?

We all take too many pics of flowers, but they are so beautiful!

Some Shiva Goddess in front of City Hall.

Her head.

City Hall silhouetted by sunset.

Quiet Streets

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There are many quiet backstreets in the City.  Some pretty tucked away and some right in the middle of a well known area.

USF is a major school surrounded by many busy streets.  McAllister St. is a major street starting way downtown and ending  just around USF.  However, this block between Stanyan and Parker is right beside the school and has a great collection of little Victorians on it.  Some are even owned by the school that they use or rent to their faculty or VIPs.  So I was out driving between errands and suddenly realized I was right there.  Whip out the camera for a few quick shots – a little cloudy – and back on the errand run.

Check these out.  Just a sample.  There are more quaint houses there and even more on the surrounding blocks hold many others but not all as well maintained.

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Edith Piaf

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Edith Piaf is alive and well in San Francisco at the Eureka Theater.  The tempestuous singer lived only 47 years but they were full of life and she says she had no regrets.  The story and the music is alive at Eureka.  If you get the chance, go!

Here’s another pic from Yosemite.  Now you know how people can come to imagine God is watching over Half Dome?

Exploratorium After Dark

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The San Francisco Exploratorium, an interactive science museum / exhibits / experiments, now has a night event once a month aimed at adults – food and adult beverages available.  I went last week for my first time and I’ll be going back.

First of all, I LOVE the Exploratorium.  There are terrific exhibits and experiments for kids of all ages.  It is lots of fun for middle school age kids who have a science curiosity (and their parents) but there is something for everyone.

Secondly, for each night event there is a theme with special exhibits and entertainment related to it.  The one I went to was on geometry so had exhibits on torus figures, origami, stacking unusual shapes, mobius strips, Klein bottles and interesting figures in topology that I had no idea how they were made.  There were also large structures that people could climb on and through.  Lots of fun and mental stimulation.

Then, there was an aerial display – a ribbon acrobat, a duet on an aerial hoop, and a guy balancing a huge metal cube while hanging in the air.  Really an excellent event.

Pics show the story.

I’ll be there next month when a burning man organizer talks about temporary and vagabond communities.  What can those displays be???

Two Weddings and a BBQ (No Funereal)

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Seems like we had a big 3 day weekend – Friday wedding & reception, Saturday wedding and reception, Sunday BBQ at P’s brothers, and Monday roaming around the City with Leanne and Rex.  A little pressed for time so here are the pics of the weddings.  Maybe more stuff later.

We did EAT a lot.  Each wedding had a 9 course dinner for starters, and the BBQ had lots of meat and beer, and we wound down with a “simple” dinner at Tangerine Monday evening.   Whew!  Need to do some double workouts.

I Love the Fourth of July

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Let me start the day with a reading of the Declaration of Independence.  It is good to hear what was actually SAID way back then at our country’s founding.  Even though it is in what we would consider “stilted” language by today’s standards it was the state of the art English 234 years ago.  Here’s the text for people who are more visual than aural.

People rarely read the sources like the Declaration, the Constitution, the actual words of a contract, the text of a court case, even the bible, but they should.  Many people spout off a phrase here and there, and some of those are even wrong, misquoted, or taken from some other source.

If a dispute arises you MUST go back to the actual language (and in legal cases the other relevant cases interpreting the original) to determine your rights and obligations.  Sounds kind of lawyerly, doesn’t it?  Of course, intelligent minds will differ in their interpretations sometimes…

Now I’m off to my nephew’s back yard BBQ to eat burned meat like any other red blooded American.  In case there is any doubt, I am VERY happy and proud to be an American.  Happy Fourth!